Extremsportler Jens Fritzsch Jens Fritzsch in the Ultra marathon - the extreme long-distance run

Ultra marathon with Jens Fritzsch

In the following you can find some statements and pictures of my participations in marathon competitions of the last few years. From time to time I also organize slide shows about my adventures. Those who are interested and would like to find out more about me should write a mail (interested in slide-show) or simply give me a call at +49-172-46-59-430. I will then inform you of coming shows.

January 2014: Tough Guy Race 2014

Crawling, diving, swimming, climbing ... at the end of January with degrees scarcely above the freezing point give the event its special flair. Mud was the constant companion on the 15 km track. The central focal point was the so called "killingfield". Tough Guy Race 2014 press report

2013: Polar Circle Marathon 2013

The Polar Circle Marathon is a run over the classical Marathon distance. 99 runners from 24 nations departed on the inland ice. The route lead through the Tundra and the Arctic desert along very old glacier tongues. I reached the finish at Polar Lodge in the township of Kangerlussuaq after 4:39:24h in 34th position. Carbid metall spikes proved themself as useful equipment in order to have the neccessary grip on the ice.

2013: Atacama Crossing

To run 250km through the driest desert in the world is a challenge in itself. But the run through stone fields and across mountain passes offers even more difficulties to cope with. These are the altitude between 2.300 to 3.300 meters above see level and the backpack containing the food for the whole distance.
The highlight of the race was the crossing of the "Salar de Atacama" with temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius. I finished the race after 65:29:55h. Atacama Crossing press report

May 2011 - Rennsteig Supermarathon

The Rennsteig Supermarathon starts in Eisenach and ends in Schmiedefeld after 72,7km. It took me 9:34:08 hrs and 2.479 ascending meters to reach the finishing line.

February 2011: Yukon Arctic Ultra

This non stop run of 160 km followed the wilderness trail of the Yukon Quest, the famous dog sleigh competition, which started in Whithorse a day before us. Not only we as the competitors suffered from the extreme inconveniences of the nature with its average of -35 degrees Celsius, but also parts of the equipment became unusable. I reached the Finish in Braeburn after 53:50 hours. Yukon Arctic Ultra press report

June 2010: Spitzbergen Marathon

While being on the isle of Spitzbergen it is all the same if you are running the Svalbard-Marathon or if you are canooing – the likelihood of meeting an icebear is given at every moment.

August 2009: Müritzlauf - Running round Lake Mueritz

I finished the "Big round" of the Müritzlauf in 9:57:48 hrs. The Ultramarathon leads in 76,6 km round the biggest lake in East Germany.

2009: Ultra marathon Libyan Challenge

190 km non stop through the Akakus mountains and the desert of Lybia. 80th position of 115 participants in 64:54:50 hrs. Further information and pictures are travel reports

2006: 100 Miles of Namib Desert

160 km in 4 stages through the Namib Desert in Namibia. My finishing time of this extreme long-distance run: 19:26:56 hours.
100 Miles of Namib Desert press report

2006: Mnisek pod Brdy (Czech Republic)

The run over 50 km (south of Prague) belongs to the European Ultra Marathon Cup.

2006: Lake Baikal Ice marathon

The east-west crossing on the frozen Lake Baikal had approximately classical marathon distance. Because of permanent activities of the ice on the lake which tore up the rugged surface anyway, a new “trail” had to be found again and again during the race. My sister Katrin coped with these conditions even better than I and happily expected me at the finishing line. Lake Baikal Ice marathon press report

2006: Sibirian Ice Marathon

There is a half marathon at relatively mild temperatures of minus -25 °degrees Celsius (2006) in Omsk every January. After 1:40:11hours I was de-iced at the finishing line. Sibirian Ice Marathon press report

2005: Trans Alpine Marathon

During the 202.5 km of the Trans Alpine Marathon we passed through 4 countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as Italy. For safety reasons it was only allowed to run as a couple. With my sister Katrin we passed the transalpine distance in 31:31:47 hours and came in at 10th postion within the category of Mixed teams. The 9816 ascend metres we had to manage resulted in swollen ankles and knees. Trans-Alpine-Marathon press report

2005: Crystal marathon in Merkers Thuringia

The half marathon at 500 m in the underground was not as exhausting as the 10 km run in Sondershausen on 1000 m underground because of higher temperatures. To wear a helmet is compulsory while participating in a cave marathon.

2005: Dead Sea Ultra Marathon

This desert marathon started in Jordan's capital Amman. The route of this long distance run descended 1300 m down to the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is at 400 m under sea level. The 50 km took me 4:23:25 hrs.

2003: Himalayan Stage Race

The 160 km mountain run took place in the highest mountains of the world. We started on an altitude of 800 m. Already on the first 38 kilometres we ascended to above 4000 m. Also downhill running was difficult, rubble masses, wood, mud as well as glacier water made the route to a torture. After 27:51:36 hours I reached the finishing line in 29th position out of 55 runners.

2002: Desert Cup Jordan

This non-stop run in Jordan over 168 kilometres started in the world-famous rock city of Petra. The first 70 km consisted of mountains. Up to the finish in Wadi Rum there were 100 km of desert. I passed the whole distance in 52:52:41 hours. Desert Cup Jordan press report

2001: Swiss Alpine Marathon

During this mountain run over the classic marathon distance in the Swiss Alps it turned out that other laws are valid here. 1890 m in the ascent and 1710 m in the way down. Swiss Alpine Marathon press report

2000: Desert Marathon des Sables

240 km through the desert by self-catering. After six day stages through the Moroccan Sahara I finished after 44:08:13 hours pure running time.


Berlin Marathon first long-distance run finished in 3:16:46 hours.

Benefit runs: such as my repeated participation in the Repechage, the donations we collected were dedicated for the research against cystic fibrosis. I ran from Berlin to Kehl (1018 km) in 2000 and from Hannover to Brussels (712 km) in 2001.

Wasa Loppet: Although I finished this 90km cross-country skiing event in Sweden, I found out that this discipline is not my cup of tea.

And: Rome City Marathon, Stockholm City Marathon, London City Marathon, Paris City Marathon, Cologne City Marathon, New York City Marathon


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